在20世纪初, 伊丽莎白•欧文, John Dewey and other progressive educators developed a new educational approach based on active learning instead of passive absorption of facts. “学校自满的形式主义, 它不加批判,因而缺乏创造性, 必须用对实验真诚的热情来取代吗,欧文写道.

伊丽莎白•欧文 founded the Little Red School in 1921 as an alternative public elementary school. 家长和学生都很喜欢这个充满活力的学习社区. It was an exciting place to learn, with a palpable spirit of curiosity, creativity and challenge. However, during the Depression, the Board of Education could not afford to keep the school open. 家长们承诺投入自己的资源, 建立了独立的小红楼小学. 1941年,该项目扩大到查尔顿街40号的一所高中. 近70年来,我们一直是一所学前班到12年级的学校:LREI.
LREI始终忠于其创始人的精神——测试新想法, 在久经考验的原则基础上寻找新的变化, 挑战我们的学生去讨论伊丽莎白·欧文所说的“可能的新真理”.“我们的学生是积极的学习者和深思熟虑的决策者. 我们的教师仍然参与我们项目的各个方面, and works together with enthusiasm and astuteness to conceive of fresh responses to students’ needs.




2014年秋天, LREI开始了LREI档案项目, 多媒体组织的努力, 数字化, 保存和分享学校在格林威治村近100年的历史. 随着LREl为2021年的百年庆典做准备, the project's goal is to create proper hard copy and electronic archives of the school's rich history. 第一个正式任务是将毕业纪念册数字化,这是2015届毕业生的礼物.

长期居住在苏活区,也是LREI的家长, Yukie Ohta把她作为专业档案保管员的专业知识借给了 LREI档案计划. 阅读她的博客下面的更新项目,或直接关注 lreiarchives.wordpress.com. 

关于LREI的文章 & 伊丽莎白·欧文选段


  • 可以的小学校

    阅读更多关于LREI的历史 article 由我们的常驻历史学家尼古拉斯·奥汉.
  • “我们的民主象征”

    点击 在这里 享受《线上真钱赌城》,由伊丽莎白·欧文(伊丽莎白•欧文)作序. 这个集合, 写于红色小校舍的早期, 可能是在20世纪30年代末, 描述学校如何实现其创始原则之一的例子. 正如我们目前的使命宣言所承诺的那样, "Students graduate from our diverse community as active participants in our democratic society,...伊丽莎白·欧文和她早期的三位同事, 用时代的语言, 分享他们对这一重要努力的看法.
  • 伊丽莎白·欧文:《线上赌钱充值》,1924年

    If this attitude of anxiety concerning the goal and the way stations were replaced by a faith in the principle of growth, 这样就会鼓励对课程进行急需的试验. 我们都知道把豆子拔出来看看它长得怎么样是愚蠢的, but we have not yet learned to trust the human plant to flower without a periodic panic about its rate of progress. 在我们目前的教育制度下, 每个学生每年至少要被认真地连根拔起两次. 官方的检查总是迫近, 老师和学生都没有营造出自由的氛围, 无意识成长的首要条件是什么.

    我们没有强制执行普通教室的禁忌、约束和禁令. The interests of the children were largely allowed to initiate and guide the activities within and without the school.

    To get immediate, showy results something must be added to the child – hung on like a decoration. 真正的有机增长是如此缓慢, 如此不引人注目,它不能满足焦虑的家长或老师. 他们希望每次都能确信孩子正在得到明显的改善. The new education, like modern farming, believes that the place to put the effort is the environment. 如果土壤变得足够肥沃,但又不是太肥沃,生长就会正常进行.

    我们为什么要把事情搞得这么急? T在这里 is enough educational experience 这是 wholesome for six- or seven-year-old children, 不用提前透支他们的账户. It is like paying a high price for strawberries in February when you can have them abundantly in June at moderate cost.

    Schools have for too long been modeled on the mediaeval monastery w在这里 formal education began. 多年来,教室就像一个与世隔绝的修道院. 最初的学者, 僧侣们, 那些觉得现实世界中的生活太危险了吗, 然后退休,在学习中寻找满足. 读书和写作是现实生活的替代品. Modern psychologists and mental hygienists tell us that those people are happiest and healthiest who can best adjust to reality, 能面对生活吗. 然后是学校, 如果它是为了帮助个人成为有效和积极的社会成员, 必须引导孩子进入生活,而不是躲避生活. 它应该是一个实验室而不是修道院. 就在这个, I should say is the task of education today – to change our school from monasteries into laboratories, laboratories not w在这里 educators experiment with children but w在这里 children experiment with life. 这才是实验教育的真谛,所以常常被误解.

    最重要的是, the progressive schools believe that childhood is a part of life and not just a preface to something more important, and that at every age children should have a chance to respond to the romance and adventure of the world around them.
  • 伊丽莎白·欧文:摘自《线上真钱赌城》——纽约时报——1932年5月15日

    幸福有很多来源,但最主要的是, 我们相信, from an ability to make good social relationships and to find adequate express for normal creative impulses.  这些能力在成人中还没有完全发展,在青少年中也没有.  They must grow from earliest years through opportunities to exercise them in everyday life.  “进步”学校试图提供一种环境,从一开始, 孩子们可以自由地进行身体活动, 社交和智力.
    The new type of teacher shares experiences with the children rather than imposing tasks upon them.  This means that the age-old conflict between the interests of adults and children is minimized, and the relationship to authority through adolescence and adult years is not spoiled by the feeling of revolt 这是 so often engendered by the old school of discipline.
  • 伊丽莎白·欧文:《线上赌钱充值》,1935年10月

    Before a person is ten or twelve years old patterns are developed that determine such important things as whether he will be solitary or sociable, 喜怒无常,甚至脾气暴躁, 懒惰还是勤劳, 顽固而充满偏见的人,或者理性而开明的人, 悲观还是快乐, 恐惧还是勇敢.  We even think that if you have children young enough you can develop a sense of humor to brighten their day.
    现在的孩子们在家庭生活中遇到了很多起起落落, 经济上,情感上,地理上, 这是, 经常从一个家搬到另一个家, 他们需要走出家门寻找安全感.  Some of them are over-protected and pampered at home and need help to face their problems.  Others are somewhat neglected emotionally if not physically and need special consideration and help in building up their egos in a desirable way.  These things are accomplished in school not by personal influence so much as by intelligent planning of the environment and materials for work by the child becoming part of a group of contemporaries under intelligent guidance day by day.
  • 伊丽莎白·欧文:选自P.E.A. 关于教育新方法的小组讨论1936年5月4日

    但我们主要关心的并不是身体健康.  这是一个孩子对待日常工作的心态.  Probably the greatest enemy to growth, which I use synonymously with education, and to learning, is 恐惧.  我这样说并不是指恐惧或恐慌, but a mild form of 恐惧 perhaps better described as dread or apprehension or even more mildly as lack of complete confidence.  Many schools, and they may be either public or private, are full of threats to a child’s confidence.  他担心他可能会迟到.  他担心自己不会被提升.  他担心他可能拿不到好分数.  他担心班长会举报他.  他担心他会被送到校长办公室.  He is afraid of being embarrassed by having his name called out loud for whispering or inattention.  These are only a few of the typical threats, which assail a child in many a school environment.  对他来说很可怕,但在许多教室里这只是理所当然的事, w在这里 a perfectly kind teacher had inherited a certain technique of stimulating work and good behavior by time honored methods.  当, 然而, we turn the light of mental hygiene on these time honored methods they begin to look as the stock and the ducking stool looked to people who abandoned these instruments about one hundred years ago.  当 schools gave up the ferrule and the dunce’s cap they gave up only the objects and not the ideas.

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