反思是LREI教师DNA中不可或缺的一部分. In addiiton to ongoing professional deveopment work that may take a variety of forms, every five years teachers at LREI are asked to engage in a formal self-study in which they examine their goals, 的优势, 以及作为老师的需求. This year “in reflection” balances individual work with the support of a cohort of colleagues who are also engaged in the self-study process. 自学的过程寻求发展, expand and sustain each participant's commitment to progressive pedagogy and reflective practice. It also provides an opportunity for faculty members to focus on a “gnawing question” about their practice and growth as a teacher, LREI社区的成员.


  • 娜塔莎埃尔南德斯:课堂上的社会情感学习

    娜塔莎埃尔南德斯 (二年级老师):为了自学, Tasha looked at her own structures for social-emotional care and how this relates to social emotional learning in her classroom. 这导致了对学习者需要感到安全的结构的检查, 感觉自己有能力做出正确的选择, 并在课堂上尊重他人. 作为这项研究的一部分, she examined what she was already doing in the classroom and then investigated additional practices and activities she could incorporate as well. Parallel to this investigation was her reflection on how these classroom structures can also support the social emotional well-being of the teacher. 正如塔莎所说:

    One activity that stood out to me as very powerful was one that also helped me to keep things in perspective in my own life as well. We asked the children to draw balloons and then reflect on the things that made them frustrated that can be hard to let go of. They visualized these frustrations as balloons and placed their frustrations inside their balloon. 活动期间, 我们还讨论了表达和管理这些失望情绪的方法, 愤怒, 恐惧, 等.. 作为一个孩子或成年人,每天都会有想法在我们的脑海里闪过. 在纸上看到这些想法对所有人来说都是非常强大和深刻的. We then shared strategies we could use to help us in to working through our frustrations. 例如, 我们不能控制别人说的话, 但是我们可以控制我们对别人说什么和怎么说. We then wrote these things down on paper in two separate circles to bring awareness to what we could manage on their own, 或者得到支持, 以及我们需要放弃的东西.
  • 丹·拉斐尔:作品集和学生自我反思

    我兴奋地进入了自学, but a bit nervous to see if I could successfully have my students create a portfolio of their work over the course of the year. I was hopeful that I could figure out a way to manage the time successfully to have them create both a hard copy of their portfolio as well as a digital version. 到2020年3月, 我对作品集的纸质版很满意, but still hadn’t made much headway in having the students also create one online. 然后是Covid. 突然之间,一切都变成了数字投资组合的一部分. 我开始明白,一旦我们在未来的某个时候回到正常的生活, I can better envision how to make student reflection become a true centerpiece of my curriculum. 
  • 耶利米·戴姆斯特:通往结果的曲折之路

    My objective in this project from the outset was to expand my own base knowledge of artists, 艺术运动和我个人灵感的来源. The ultimate goal was to reconsider my curriculum and the ways that students see themselves and their identities represented, 他们被赋予了解他人身份的窗口, 以及艺术如何让他们探索这两种情况. Along the way I hoped to create some original work of my own in order to translate some of the learning into something tangible. 除了阅读, 研究, viewing work and making work I also leaned into the connections that social media can create and the resource that it can be for connections in the art world.
  • sarah - momii Roberts:“如何参与世界的变革”

    Sara-Momii罗伯茨 (八年级人文学科教师) 使用了巴西教育家和哲学家的作品 保罗·弗莱雷 lens to explore what civic action skills and enduring understandings are eighth graders learning as a result of their practicing activism as part of the Social Justice Project. She then turned this lens on herself to ask: "What am I learning about my role as an educator having engaged in this type of work for so many years? 我是否参与了自己的积极(和赋权)成长? 这个项目和我自己的教学将何去何从?正如Momii所说:

    Turning the lens on myself has been the most slow going process of this self study. 虽然确定学生学到了什么是很重要的, 我在哪里与工作联系起来, 就我个人而言, 是需要考虑的关键因素. So, what in my teaching might benefit from “changing outdated and oppressive language?“同理心”可能会在哪里找到更牢固的土壤生根发芽? 学生的工作哪里“不公平”?在哪些地方,“哪怕一点点”也会产生很大的不同?
  • 简·贝尔顿:允许转变

    当我开始自学的时候, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do: I would carve out time for myself to write more during the year, attend to and nurture the writer in me that seemed on a distant but parallel path to my teacher-self.  Running on what seemed like two parallel lines, these two selves rarely seemed to touch. 最后, 而我最终并没有真正写作, I discovered more points of convergence between teacher Jane and writer Jane than I had thought possible.

    I wrote about my self study through the metaphor of “driving at night with headlights,我的老师E. L. 多克托罗曾经用过,我也一直觉得这个词特别有中心意义.  这些话捕捉了我作为一个作家的大部分过程. Now, after my work this year, I also know that they inform my teaching practice more than ever.
  • Ileana jimsamnez:写#HSfeminism作为时刻,作为运动,作为回忆录

    伊莲娜·吉梅内斯 (高中 英语 Teacher): Ileana used the self-study as a lens to reflect on her work over the past 13 years at LREI as a designer of feminist pedagogy and practice and on her work connected to a variety of school-based social justice and activist initiatives. 她还检查了她在自己网站上写博客的弧线, 女权主义的老师, and other published writing in both academic journals and book collections as well as her regular speaking at conferences, 学校, 和大学. Ileana认为:
    The LREI tenured faculty self-study gave me the opportunity to ask the following questions: what do I need to write next? 最紧迫的是什么?? I want to see how my #HSfeminism work is part of the larger narrative of how LREI has shaped the lives of students and their activism both within and outside of the school. 整个自学年, I wrote a piece for another collection on youth sexualities and continued journaling about how I can engage in a separate stand-alone project that will likely be a memoir about feminist teaching. 出于这个原因, 我的自学工作一直持续到暑假, 我一直在写日记,读各种各样的文章, 包括女权主义回忆录和理论, 为这个更大的长期项目提供信息.



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